Stop Yulin 2015


Generally, animals have feelings. They are not numb because they also have these senses like us. They can love, hate, adore, care, comfort, forgive, and etc. All I’m saying is that we don’t have a right to just step down on them because they are also God’s creation. We are all the same so let’s respect each kind. They are like us too… just like humans.

As I’ve read and seen this picture about how this Yulin Dog Meat Festival goes in Southern China, I was really mad, angry, disgusted, disappointed and felt everything bad for this. Like how can they do this to a poor, cute and innocent creature? Don’t they have conscience? Aren’t they afraid to G up there for doing such? Don’t they have a kindhearted president there to help from stopping this? Too sad, right? How ruthless.

I actually have no idea how long they have been doing this but one thing is certain in my mind right now, THIS STUPIDITY HAS TO STOP! AS IN NOW!

On June 21, 2015, Sunday, which is actually tomorrow, they will held this annual festival. I don’t know if they have captured and slaughtered innocent ones already but I hope they will stop this nonsense and totally erase this kind of festival in their country forever.


Look how innocent and cute they are. They are so adorable. And then you’ll just snatched, slaughtered and tortured them just like that? How could you?!! They are FRIENDS. Not FOOD!

Cats and dogs can’t speak for themselves. We are their voice. Let’s help make a big difference. Stop this nonsense cruelty!

Post these pictures on your social media accounts and it will really be a big help. Don’t forget to use the hashtags: #RaiseYourPaws and #StopYulin2015



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