ABS-CBN’s new offer to each Filipino families is to cater their needs in watching Kapamilya shows still good as new and they call it as TV Plus Magic Black Box. This little box gives a smooth and clear reception on TV on each of our homes which costs P2,500. It has exclusive channels namely:
1. ABS-CBN TV Network (Kapamilya shows)
2. Cinemo (for movies of all time)
3. Knowledge Channel (lessons good for kids)
4. DZMM (live on radio and on TV)
5. Yey (cartoons for kids)

Months after, they make a promo and shown this on a TV commercial that when you buy one, you will get this for only P1,999 with those specially marked surf and tide stickers. I got excited and hoping I could get one.

I am so happy I was able to purchased this promo because the last time I went to SM Appliances the other day, the stocks has still not arrived here in Cebu. I felt gloomy that time because it only runs until October 21. I was fully decided that on the next time I would visit SM again, I will buy the P2,500 magic black box before the said date ends. Luckily, 1 week after, I went to SM to buy the black box. What surprised me was that when I was fully decided to purchased the P2,500, the P1,999 promo was available so I grab the chance and took the black box home with me. My mom was so happy because finally we can clearly see the faces of our beloved idols on TV with no marks of scratches and running lines that makes it blur on it. When buying the black box, you will also get a free ABS-CBN mobile sim with it. I can now be able to watch their exclusive movie like “Must Date the Playboy” played by Kim Chiu and Xian Lim using this.



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