My 2 years at Q

Happy 2 years at Q! I never thought I’d reach this far. So grateful for this unexpected chance you’ve given me, G. I always believe in Your will. ALWAYS ❀

I could still remember I just gave this a try, wondering if I would pass or not. I really had a strong feeling that I won’t make it. But here I am, now I’m on Tier 3, the last stage I would be. I really am a survivor char. Thank You because You made me able now to help with my loved ones and made their faces happy. All the drama, pressure, physical/mental/emotional/pyschological stress, graveyard shifts, stress-eating and etc, pays off and somehow made me thought of just giving it all up and quit at once. I’m never used to this. It feels abnormal. Though it’s very clear to me what my goal is, but staying here made me more confused both in mind and in heart. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’

Well, everything happens for a certain reason. I’m just happy for all the people I’ve met and known in this industry (acquaintances, familiar faces, plain friends, plastic/sarcastic friends, sweet/loving friends and close friends.) Being able to know different types of people makes me appreciate one from the other. Their beliefs, character, personality, attitude and treatment makes them really different. I really don’t want them to know what and who I really was before I entered this field, but people will really make their own investigation——— stalking! πŸ˜‚

I’m tired af, but I will still go with the flow. But if my journey has come to an end, then so be it. Whatever happens, happens. Just like what happened exactly 2 years ago, “Thy will be done.” 😌

(P.S. just wanted to do this, sort of my MMK, nag flashback lang kay 2 years naman)





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