To My Unexpected Love

Thank you for coming into my life unexpectedly
Thank you for being the light on my darkest day
Thank you for giving me a chance to become yours
Thank you for bringing back the best in me

I couldn’t promise you anything, but trust me it will be all worth it.
I know this won’t be perfect, we will mess up, we will fight, we will left all behind, but staying inlove is all I ever want.

“I LOVE YOU” those words give me chill down to my spine. The way you looked in my eyes, your smile, your laugh I’m at the happiest when you’re around.
When you fill the spaces between our fingers, your warm hugs and sweet kisses I couldn’t ask for more.

I’m blessed to have met a man like you
I love you and I will be fighting the love I’ve found in you.

Submitted by H.CM



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