Single Woman, Keep Waiting

To fall in love with the person that God has really prepared for you, is probably is one of the best things in the world.

But women, please know that it is never our job to find Mr. Right. We could pray for our ‘ideal’ future husband but we never have to make the first move to start our ‘dream love story’. The only thing we need to do is wait and let God write the best love story we could ever dreamed of.

So single woman, keep waiting…

Keep waiting until you’re ready in all aspects of life.

Don’t just wait for the right man to come, but in your waiting season let God mold you to be the right woman for him.

Emotionally ready by being secured of your identity in Christ. You’re ready not just to fall in love with him but also to commit yourself to him through triumphs and setbacks alike, no turning back.

Go and chase your dreams as you wait for him. Focus and thrive in your career. Be the woman he’ll be proud to have.

Spiritually ready until you come to the point of being satisfied with God alone and being married to someone you love is just a bonus.

I’m not saying that you need to be perfect. But at least you can say you’re in your ‘best version’ of yourself at the moment God revealed him to you. It is more than just having him as your greatest blessing but it’s also about you, being a blessing to him.

Keep waiting until someone brave enough will pursue you.

Someone who’s not intimidated by your standards but willing to meet them. He got the guts to pursue you because he has prayed for you. He’s willing to take risks because he knows you’re worth it.  Wait for that man who has nothing but good intentions in pursuing you.

Wait for the man who’ll make you believe again in true love. You don’t have to question his feelings for you because his words match his actions. Wait for that someone you’re ready to let your guards down because in him you’ll feel accepted and loved despite of all your imperfections.

Keep waiting single woman and dare not to settle for the good enough.

Wait not for the perfect man, but for the man who is after God’s own heart. That someone who will bring you closer to your relationship with Him. He may not be a knight in a shining armor but he’s wearing the full armor of God. Wait for the man you’ve prayed for.

Keep waiting until God gives the ‘go signal’ to both of you.

Trust His timing for He makes all things beautiful in His time. He is never too late nor too early. There’s no need to rush. He knows when both of you are ready for each other.

And when that time comes, it will be a love story that glorifies God. It’ll be a story that inspires other people, specially the young generation, that good things come to those who wait.

So single woman, keep waiting. It may take long but surely it’s worth it.

Words by: JD Fermin



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