The Long Wait Has Finally Ended


Graduation is one of the best events in a student’s life. It makes you feel happy and relieved that at last, you now graduate from all the assignments, seatworks, projects, lectures, orals and hardworks you’ve done just to accomplished and have a degree all these years, right? I am so happy that for the 20 years of my existence I graduated from college. A degree holder as they would say. Such a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

I was so lucky and fortunate I was able to finished my studies. I know the pain and the sacrifices my parents have gone through that’s why I am always doing my best to aim high and got perfect scores to make them happy and proud of me that somehow in some ways their daughter strive so hard to achieve this kind of excellence.

I just graduated last March 21, 2015 with great honor as Magna Cum Laude. I’ve been an achiever since I was a kid. I always got a place during honor rolls.



I would never really achieved this if it weren’t because of these people above. They served as my inspiration to do better always and forever. My mindset always was that I need to strive hard for I would be the one to uplift our current situation. I wanted to give them a good and brighter life. I wanted to be the who will work in the family because I wanted to repay all the things they have given, poured and showered upon me. I just wanted them to relax and have fun in their lives. To enjoy things they haven’t experienced ever before. I wanted them to experience life worrying nothing. To feel free from all the burdens, stressed and pressure. I’ve realized that life is too short so let’s enjoy every moment while it lasts.

Even if this particular chapter had finally closed, there is still another chapter in the book I called “LIFE” that is waiting there for me ready to be opened and experienced and I guess that would be my next challenge which is finding a job.