Mature vs. Immature Relationship

Difference of mature and immature relationship.

Mature relationships understand space; immature relationships get too clingy.

Most mature couples know that they each have their own lives to live and that they shouldn’t make their partners the center of their attention all the time. They know how to enjoy life on their own, with their friends, or with their family. Staying in contact with your significant other 24/7 can actually strain your relationship and even lead to bigger arguments in the future.

Immature relationships go with the flow; mature relationships call each other out when needed.

Instead of agreeing with your guy on everything, you correct him when he says or does something wrong. You have your own voice and perspective in life. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you respect the fact that both of you are two different people with different opinions in life.

Mature relationships encourage you to grow; immature relationships force you to change.

Change is constant. You will never be the same person you were when you first started going out with your man. However, it’s one thing to change naturally and another to force one to change who they really are just to meet the other’s wants and needs.

Words by: 💌 Ana C. Pascual


It’s Hard To Start All Over Again

No girl likes to start over with a new guy. Getting to know a guy all over again. Learning how to feel confortable with a guy all over again. Giving herself mind, body, and soul to a guy again. Going through that awkward phase of being body shy around a guy again. Sharing her secrets and spilling out her thoughts and emotions to a guy again. Meeting a new guy’s family and getting to know them all over again. Have a new guy meet her parents hoping they’ll be accepting all over again. Opening up and letting a new guy see the real side of her all over again. Fight through her trust issues and place her trust in another man again. Work on her insecurites so they won’t push a guy away all over again. Give her heart to another guy and learn to love someone new all over again. That’s why girls love to stick with the guys they’re already with, no matter how bad it is, because it’s the guys they’ve been through all that with already.

Words by: Unspoken Thoughts


She’s Used To It

It’s okay. She’s used to people using her. She’s used to people walking out of her life. She’s used to people talking shit about her. She’s used to people pretending to be her friends. She’s used to people lying to her. She’s used to people disappointing her. She’s used to people leaving her hanging. She’s used to people stabbing her in the back. She’s used to people replacing her in their circle of friends. She’s used to people keeping secrets from her. She’s used to people betraying her trust. She’s used to people bringing down her self-esteem. She’s used to people messing with her feelings. She’s used to people toying around with her head. She’s used to people breaking her heart. So whatever you do to her at this point, it won’t be a surprise to her because chances are, it’s already been done to her. It’s just sad how it’s gotten to the point where she can say she’s used to it.

Words by: Truth Slap


Fall In Love With Someone Who Will Do These Things To You

Fall in love with someone who will love you unconditionally. Who will accept your flaws, imperfections, shortcomings and make you feel that you’re worth having. Who will fight for you despite the difficulties and storms in life. Who will understand you and your insane or annoying mannerisms. Who will pacify you until you become okay. Who will talk to you after a long fight.

Fall in love with someone who will appreciate your efforts, and who will guide you and support you throughout your goals in life. Who will still be with you at the end of the day, who will travel for hours just to see your smile. Who will always be by your side, whatever happens.

Fall in love with someone who will kiss you every time and make you feel that you’re the most significant being in the world. Who will make you feel the sudden rush and sensation inside. Who will serenade you through phone calls until you fall asleep, and greet and text you with long and sweet messages when you wake up.

Fall in love with someone who can be your best friend and a lover at the same time. Who will stay up late with you and talk about random things in life. Who will spend the rest of the day with you, joking around, playing and laughing all day long. Who will never ever get tired of holding your hand and show to everyone how deeply he/she is in love with you.

Fall in love with someone who will forgive you every time. Who will love you first before his/her hobbies, work and anything/anyone else in this world. Who will make your every moment a heavenly bliss. Who will comply his/her promise to you. Who will respect you and your decisions in life.

Fall in love with someone who can love your soul more than your body. Who can eliminate your worries, tears, and doubts. Who will never get tired of understanding you. Who will make you happy and feel contented. Who will never fail to amaze you.

Words by: 💌 E.J. Cenita