Once In A Lifetime


It is common for college graduating students to have this final celebration we call Ringhop and Graduation Ball Ceremony. This happened to me the day before our graduation day. It was held at J. Center Mall Convention Center in Mandaue City, Cebu just last March 20, 2015. The night was filled with pretty ladies and hunky gentlemen. I was so happy and excited because it was the day when all of us had to flaunt our best of the best dresses.

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I so love the blue green turtle neck dress I was wearing and the way my hairstylist did to my hair.
He fish-tailed it because that’s what he thought that suit me when he first looked at me with my dress on. And yeah, he’s right. It looked good on me. Thanks to him. He’s a brilliant hairstylist and a make up artist!

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My ring was ready and I was all set. I felt so amused because finally I got to see my ring w/ my birthstone (October – Rose Zircon) on top of it and with my name in it (Fretz Marie H. Embudo).
My mom was there to wear it on me. She never knew that I had prepared a simple surprise for her. Actually, all of us had been preparing for it. We wanted something to showcase our parents’ hardwork for everything they have done for us.

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Here’s mom with her rose, medal and certificate with her name in it for taking care of me, for sending me to school, for teaching me good values and right conduct, and for everything! I thank her for all the sacrifices she had been through from then and now.

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When the party was finally over, mom and I enjoyed our pictorial outside. I took shots on her and she took shots on me. Just a give-and-take relationship. So in other words, we were the photographers of each other. I looked so gorgeous and stunning on this lovely night and mom as well.

I never realized that this was a nice experience. Good thing I pushed through in this event because I almost backed out for the reason of an expensive ticket of the said event. But I thought twice and decided to attend because it will happen to me, to you or to everyone “Once In A Lifetime” so from there I never say never.