My Punla and Norkis Family


Having a scholarship is like God’s gift from above. A gift that you would be grateful and thankful of. A privilege that has been given to you to help you and your family even a little bit lighter.

I’ve been a scholar for 8 years. I became one when I started my highschool in year 2007. When I received my scholarship, I wasn’t really that obliged but I did well in school, got high scores and most importantly, maintained the average grade so I could still be sustained and supported by my benefactors. That’s the #1 rule that I really put in mind. I was so confident that I wouldn’t have that red mark or failing grade. I just don’t know why, not to brag this, but, there’s really something in me that I know I wouldn’t fail……ever in my entire life! Never!

I know myself even better and my capabilities as a person. I know what I can do and what I cannot do. And because of being a “feeler” sometimes, would you believe I even predicted that I would be a Magna Cum Laude when I graduate in college? HAHAHA. And yes, I graduated with such honor. 😀

The Punla Foundation, Inc. is a product of the Quisumbing Family and came to existence because of their love, passion and generosity towards helping the less fortunate children. The Qs are the owner of the Norkis Group of Companies so Punla is therefore sisters with Norkis. I am so happy and proud to be part of this two families. It’s been 8 consecutive years since I became a scholar.

The subsidy that they gave me every school year (high shool) and semester (college) really helped a lot. It somehow lessen the burden of my parents especially my mama in paying my tuition fees. It made me fulfilled because in just a little way I got to lend a help.

My Punla Family has three (3) conditions for us scholars that need to be followed:
1. Make a Birthday, Christmas and Thank You cards for the benefactors.
2. Maintain the average grade so you will still be sustained and supported by them.
3. Always be proud and bring the name of the foundation whatever achievement you’re into.

I will never forget this family and the whole experience. I will always be a proud scholar! This helped me be a better student and as a person as well. I have brought with me the 3H qualities of Punla that wants us to acquire:
1. Humility
2. Honor
3. Honesty


The recognitions, acknowledgements and rewards I received overwhelmed me to the highest level! My contract as a scholar stops as I graduate in college and even if I’m no longer subsidized now, I will still continue to patronize and visit them. Thank you so much for everything and to this kind of experience. I will forever cherish this.